In order to ensure a proper and fair review of the abstracts, we encourage authors to submit abstracts with clear insights and background of the work, and to include complementing material that can help the panel understand its contribution and relevance to the conference. Complementing material could include, for example, previously published papers or videos related to the abstract, to enrich the abstract submission. All abstracts will be analysed, however insufficient proof of scientific and/or novel contribution, as well as lack of background and grounds to understand what is being proposed, may lead to the rejection of an abstract. In order to evaluate the technical quality, the submitted abstract should contain clear though summary indication regarding the data used for experiments, the exploited methods and the achieved results.


Authors can submit a 1-page abstract and may include, as complementing material, a previously published paper or a video.


The submissions will be screened by a panel of experts, including the conference and program chairs and can be accepted as Short Papers. Acceptance will indicate, for each paper, also its form of presentation.


Abstracts that bring an appropriate complementing material are eligible for oral or poster presentation; otherwise, they are eligible for poster presentation only. Oral presentations are given a 20’ minutes time slot. Authors who have been assigned an oral presentation may however choose to present at a Poster Session instead, should they prefer it.


Abstracts will be advertised in the conference program and in the conference book of abstracts (in the printed and digital version), but not published in the proceedings or included in the Digital Library. Complementary materials will also not be published in the proceedings or included in the Digital Library.


Abstracts will not be indexed.